Why Intellect ?

Intellect Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a Software Solutions provider for Indian Financial Markets formed in 2011. It offers a versatile and intellectual platform for trading across various segments as equity, Derivatives, currency etc. We have developed High Quality, User friendly, customized softwares to enable seamless processes and flawless execution.

Intellect Software Solutions Private Limited is a developer/provider of Stock Market Trading Solutions. We develop trading solutions for the growing Indian brokerage market. Intellect aims at providing (simple) trading solutions that help brokers grow (scale growth) and manage their businesses efficiently without worrying about complex trading solutions.

With a strong architecture designed by our team of experts the trading solution boasts to/can handle large number of users/clients at a single point of time. Intellect Software Solutions/We aim/s to raise the bar in providing solutions to the trading community. We provide trading solutions understanding the requirement of the trader/dealer. (Customized trading solutions) A brilliant team of professionals targeting a common purpose is what we believe will make us the market leaders in providing solutions for the Indian stock Market/Broker Community.

We at Intellect Software Solutions aim towards providing solutions to all categories/small/big brokers as per their requirement. Our focus is to cater the need of all categories of clients/brokers be it small or large and help them grow their business/give them the edge for growth by our customized solutions.

Key Benefits

  • The Simple Scalable system which can easily scaled up from 50 client terminals to 5 lakh client terminals
  • In the current market dynamics huge number of clients placing huge number of orders in a low latency environment, even a second down time is not acceptable. It is always more important that the solution runs stably rather than having a feature packed terminal that goes down several times a day.
  • A Pre-Order robust Risk Management System integrated with back office, DP and Bank that provides the broker risk free trading environment in all types of market conditions.
  • This trading system consists of wide range of terminals for web clients, offline clients, dealers, sub-brokers and franchisees. A client can use his own terminal to trade, while he is trading a sub-broker or franchises can monitor that client can also place order simultaneously in real time.
  • A full integrated I.V.R (Interactive Voice Response) based trading system to cater to faceless clients and ensure that even a client relationship is maintained even without knowing him.
  • The trading solution provides with Browser, Desktop and mobile interfaces.
  • Our specialty is our simplicity. A simple yet powerful interface to ensure that even a lay man or a naive trader can trade in the market as efficiently as proficient trader.
  • The system has an inbuilt multi site real-time backup system which provides a real-time disaster recovery to the broker. The system as powerful as the exchange system, that ensures even in the event of natural calamities the trading never stops.
  • Flexible and robust architecture- The architecture of trading system is stable and flexible enough to manage.
  • Our design is compatible in handling Lakhs of Clients.
  • After Hours Order Facility that helps the clients to place their orders after market.
  • All the trading terminals are empowered with High end and attractive charting tools for serious analysis.
  • The system is compatible with low latency as well as Normal feed for broker to choose from.